Rapid Baseline Assessment

The Fixed™ can be used to assess the status of an environment in which a client has chosen to intervene. The local context for an intervention will always have an impact on its efficacy. Are the right people in place in the environment? What kind of social factors will impact the intervention? Is there a shared understanding of the value of the intervention? A combination of individual meetings and group workshops generate a rapid, intuitive assessment of the baseline.

Fixed™ takes an inclusive, consultative approach to assessment: all participants in the intervention have extensive knowledge of the context, its challenges, strengths and opportunities, and can offer invaluable insight without the necessity of a costly and time-consuming longitudinal study.

Fixed™ facilitates a process of extracting valuable information to influence planning for interventions in schools, communities, businesses, government departments, development funders, NGOs, CBOs, even in families. This information is shared with partners, the assessment should have value for all who participate in it.

Rapid Baseline Assessment delivers a detailed discussion of the risks and opportunities inherent in an intervention context, and it also delivers relationship building: the facilitated consultation exercise demonstrates our client’s openness to hearing the voices of various stakeholders, and builds trust and mutual understanding, strengthening our client’s reputation in the intervention environment.