Emma de Villiers

Managing Director
Emma is an attorney by training and the lead Fixed facilitator and strategist. She has been part of Fixed for ten years and took the helm as Managing Director in 2018.
BA (Hons) MPhil LLB (UCT)


Emma is a process facilitator and consultant in the development and transformation sector, with wide experience across sectors and project objectives. Emma has spent the last ten years leading projects to support clients in the achievement of their diverse transformative outcomes. 

Emma combines the fine attention to detail that comes with her legal training, with ten years of experience of working with the complexity of sustainable development. She has exceptional writing skills that integrate academic principles with practical and accessible approaches. Emma has led the development of systemic workshop and guidance materials and tools in settings such as early childhood development, safe schools, youth empowerment, community development, local governance, urban safety, gender-based violence, women’s empowerment and others. She understands and can apply indicators that support integrated, systemic and sustainable change. Emma has worked with corporates, government at different levels, international aid agencies, philanthropic organisations and global, regional and local networks of activists and practitioners. She has many relationships across the development field in South Africa and beyond and these are always useful in sourcing and debating new learning. 

The consulting and facilitation that Emma has delivered spans diverse objectives and outcomes, including support for stakeholder mapping and recruitment, community and stakeholder consultation, inclusive visioning, co-design, capacity building, support for planning and implementation, programme communication, knowledge management, problem solving, strategy, baseline and progress assessment and adaptive learning.  

Emma works with the full support of the Fixed team. 

“I believe that with the courage to confront complexity and build accountable and mutually-beneficial relationships we can collectively achieve our big dreams of a brighter future.”