What Does It Look Like When it’s Fixed?

Having examined the problem, Fixed™ can consider the complex vision of what it looks like when the problem is solved, at some ideal time in the future. A systemic vision of what it looks like when it’s Fixed becomes the framework for all strategic and implementation work to follow. It is not an articulation of what will be done, it is a framework for determining what can and should be done. The vision is comprehensive, it includes principles, process, organisational practice, short and medium term outputs, long-term and macro outcomes. It provides an unchanging framework for defining what’s negotiable and what’s not, rapid baseline assessment, mapping resources and capacities, devising strategy, defining roles and responsibilities, planning implementation, measuring progress and impact, learning from experience, trouble-shooting, recruiting new partners and responding to new opportunities.

What Does it Look Like When it’s Fixed delivers a model of a big vision for a programme or intervention. The model comprises 48 outcomes with intuitive and / or empirical indicators. The exercise promotes systemic thinking in participants and provides a visioning goal for activities for change. What Does it Look Like When it’s Fixed is the second step for a problem-solving process and would not usually stand on its own.