What's Negotiable, What's Not?

Fixed™ facilitates transparent preliminary discussions between partners seeking to build relationships on which they must rely to achieve their own objectives. These discussions are based on our client’s vision of what it looks like when it’s Fixed, which is shared with other key partners: to determine the appetite for collaboration. Partnerships are only sustainable if all partners cannot achieve their objectives without collaborating, and transparency at the outset promotes long-term commitment and accountability. Fixed™ sets an agenda, using the Rules of Engagement, and draws partners into discussions outlining what must be achieved through the partnerships, what cannot be done and what is up for negotiation. Investing in clearly defined relationships at the outset of a partnership will provide a more predictable context for successful collaboration. This workshop or workshops can be facilitated as a stand-alone exercise or as part of a broader Fixed™ problem-solving process.

What’s Negotiable, What’s Not delivers a document containing an agreed set of parameters within which partners will work together, and next steps to furthering the partnership. It also delivers strengthened relationships and improved mutual understanding – maximising the opportunity for reliable ongoing collaboration.