Implementation Planning

Sustained implementation is the hardest part of change management. Good ideas are easy to create with the benefit of transparent and inclusive consultation, it’s harder to remain committed to new ideas, to change habits, to have the discipline to think differently and do differently. We support implementation planning through another consultative and transparent exercise: having explicit conversations about capacity, resources and barriers to change. Implementation cannot be planned without those will be doing the implementing, who can ensure the minimisation of unforeseen consequences from the outset. This process is also a series of workshops, time and size dependent on strategy and implementation team size, wherein Fixed™ brings a draft and the team engages in finalising details.

Implementation planning delivers a framework from which all role players can easily identify their roles in the collective collaborative intervention. Detailed time-frames, protocols and policies flow from this document. It should provide for an ongoing role for Fixed™, ensuring support and trouble-shooting for key implementation role players, minimising the risk of losing momentum or encountering barriers that retard or halt implementation. Changing habits is difficult and Fixed™ offers coaching support to ensure transition into a new way of being and doing things.